Release 2.0.1 (6/23/08)

  1. Added a "throttled" AtomServer. This AtomServer throttles all PUTs, POSTs, and DELETEs using a ThreadPool front-ended with a Blocking Queue. When all Threads in the Pool are in use, incoming requests are queued up. The theory is that, because we serialize all writes to the DB, when it is overloaded its performance degrades significantly, and that by throttling DB input to some optimum threshold we can maximize performance. This theory was proven out in performance testing. We saw a 220% decrease in average response time for PUTs for the throttled AtomServer, with a relatively constant TPM, and smooth behavior. In contrast the "normal" AtomServer saw spiky behavior, and significant performance degradation.
  2. Aggregate Feeds were completely rewritten.
  3. Added "sharded paths" file-based ContentStorage.
  4. Gzipping for file-based ContentStorage.
  5. Cleaned up the Junits significantly. The tests no longer use a local "var" directory.
  6. Google Analytics for the site

Release 2.0 (5/13/08)

  1. This is the initial open source release. It is numbered 2.0 because the code behind AtomServer has been around as an internal application for about 1 year, and over that time went through many revisions